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World-building On Harbinger (post 1)

Hey all! I’m switching things up here at abigailschwaig.com. I’m going to focus more on world-building for the Deka Series instead of posting on a bunch of unrelated topics. Since my next book, Harbinger Part I, focuses on the Deka planet (the 1st planet in the Four-headed Galaxy), these next posts will hopefully follow that train of thought and cover more of the topics that are important/related to Deka.  (Coming at least by winter of 2015, if not sooner!)

The planet of Deka has one continent called Angara. Angara is comprised of 5 nations: Elesion(maiden’s profile on the far left), Goth (shaped like a stingray), Malachi (the sack in the middle), Trania (the boomerang strip on the far right), and Andari (the Super Mario mushroom head on top).

Elesion(left), Goth, Malachi (middle), Trania (right), and Andari (top).

Elesion(left), Goth, Malachi (middle), Trania (right), and Andari (top).

At the end of my 1st book, Fortune’s Detour, there is some explanation about the ten main planets.  Here are the particulars:

The Planets  (In consequential order, scattered throughout the Four-Headed Galaxy in the Deka Quadrant.)

Deka– the planet that has no animal life to speak of, “the first planet,” “the planet where life began,” “the favored planet.”

Hecta– “the melting pot” of modern, urban, and tech-dominated lifestyles.

Kila– large, carnivorous, lumbering beasts reside on the surface of dried desert mud while a wide array of flowers, fruits, saps, and plant matter is found in the underground jungles where the tribes of inhabitants reside; “the planet of clans.”

Mega– some smaller mammals reside here. Insects, rodents, and snakes breed only on this planet; “the cradle of pestilence.”

Giga– a great, hungering evil lurks within the bowels of this planet, so much so that criminals are sent there through the Doorways to an inexplicit fate and are never heard from again. It has a pock-marked surface, leading down into a cavernous underground. The surface is blood red and rugged and mountainous. “The dark planet;” “the red planet;” “planet of terror;” quite literally “hell.”

Tera– sea creatures are the only kinds of animals residing on “Earth’s planet;” “Earth’s twin.” Known for its similarity to Earth; most “accidental immigrants” choose to reside on Tera.

Peta– the only animals are bigger land mammals, a few rodents, and some fish on Peta. The populations that reside on Peta are among the most varied in custom (besides Hecta) and the most acquainted with Amaranth (besides Deka). The planet’s leaders agree not to take a stand for or against the Spirits; they try to ignore them.

Exa– a heavily industrialized planet constantly striving for greater inventions in steam, gas, and electric; set precedence on manners and polite conversation. “The cradle of ingenuity;” “the home of machinery” “the foundation of modern science” “the frame of civilization.”

Zetta– the planet most closed to Doorway travel and outside interaction; resolutely remaining within the quagmire that was the historical “Age of Mysticism” in the Quadrant. Also known as “the isolated planet.” Zettans are thought to be ignorant and stuck-up, whereas most of them are well-educated in the arts, philosophy, and classics; just afraid of bringing wrath down upon their people by being over-investigative.

Yotta– the last planet; blocked by an asteroid belt that is impossible to navigate. Yotta has not held a stable Doorway since the beginning of the “Silence of Amaranth.” Also known as “the unknown planet;” “the place of shaz.”

These are just the main planets, not taking into account the planetoids, moons, stars, asteroid belts, and space cities (if any- you never know!).  Hope you have as much fun with this as I do!

Have a good Monday by imaginating yourself someplace beautiful and serene :)

abigail schwaig

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