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Chubbuck and Wisdom

Welcome back to Imaginate with Abigail!

Here are some thoughts that have resonated this past week:

How well we live our lives depends on the grace with which we let loose strings dangle….
How well we can let go of what-ifs and should-haves and concentrate on whatsinfrontofus and the peoplewhoneverbetrayedus. There are challenges and choices that are worth accepting, and one of them is to simply get out of bed in the morning.

I’m talking about the fact that sometimes, a pen carries life or death in its ink.

You know what the most beautiful buildings are made out of? Wood. Stone. And glass.

Just because you haven’t found something yet doesn’t mean it’s not out there, waiting for you.

So my week had a lot of musing in it (which it usually has) and also a lot of pain. My lower left wisdom tooth is coming in with a vengeance. There haven’t been tears yet, but there would have been if not for OTC drugs! Tylenol, I am your slave.

My newest YouTube video should be out this evening, where I talk about Ivana Chubbuck’s masterful techniques that sum up her acting method. She’s incredible, her twelve steps are incredible (I’ve used them, they work wonders in the field), and her book is incredible. It’s one of my favorites and is THE most applicable acting book in print that I’ve found. It gives you tools that you can employ the very first day you start learning them. Enjoy the video, I explore the twelve steps in some pretty good detail. Finding the book is easy, here is the link to it:

Wishing you the best in your creativity & always lots of love,

abigail schwaig

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